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Vegetation Management

Photo: Vegetation management at NGEMC involves insured trimming crews, with the occasional use of helicopter cutters.

Where Are Vegetation Management Crews Working?

Report Trees Endangering Power Lines

Questions about Vegetation within NGEMC's Right-Of-Way

Our vegetation management team works year-round to help reduce the impact of vegetation on power lines. To ensure safety and reliability of electric service to our community, NGEMC contracts with a team of certified arborists, professional tree trimmers and even a helicopter tree trimming company. NGEMC utilizes a five-year, tree-trimming and herbicide treatment cycle to maintain more than 6,000 miles of electrical line in seven northwest Georgia counties.


Trees, plants and electricity don't mix

  • Before you plant vegetation, know what’s below ground by calling 811 or by visiting  before you dig. Contacting 811 notifies local utilities, who will locate and mark underground utilities at your planting site.
  • When planting trees, avoid the potential for future conflict with overhead power lines by checking the mature size of the tree you are considering.
  • Never plant trees under or near overhead power lines.
  • Never attempt to trim vegetation growing on or near overhead power lines. Call NGEMC to report any vegetation that is within the power line right-of-way.
  • To be safe, do not dig around or near power equipment.
  • To help NGEMC crews avoid delays during maintenance, repairs or power restoration, do not plant flowers and bushes within five feet of meters, pad-mounted transformers or utility poles. Pad-mounted transformers are green electrical boxes seen in or near the yards of many members with underground electrical service. 

Helpful Resources

CONTACT US: If you need additional information, please contact our Vegetation Management office or call NGEMC at 706.259.3394, Extension 1209. Please include in the email or message the name on your account, your account number, your service address and phone number. 

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