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Request a PowerTown Presentation

Electrical accidents are more common than you think. But, learning how to prevent them can be fun and practical. North Georgia EMC’s portable electric safety town, known as PowerTown, demonstrates ways to avoid electrical accidents and promotes indoor and outdoor electrical safety. PowerTown shares with audiences of all ages how electricity is generated from various forms, transmitted over many miles, distributed to our homes, and how harmful it can be if mishandled.

A trained, knowledgeable member of our North Georgia EMC staff will bring the learning to life for your class, civic organization or non-profit. Fill out the request below to schedule a free electric safety demonstration. Please make your request for the Electric Junction at least three weeks in advance to the date you wish to reserve. You will receive a phone call confirming your reservation of the demonstration.

Please note: if you do not receive a response within 2 business days, please contact us to help secure your preferred date for presentation. 

Organization or other venue where the presentation will be held.
Short description of area for presentaion. (ie. "STEM Classroom," "library," "gym," etc.)
If students or other audiences will be viewing the demonstration on a rotation, please include an approximate number of groups the presentation will need to be repeated for.
Concentrate the presentation on topics such as "electrical safety," "how electricity works," or others more relevant to your age/interest group.
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