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NGEMC Prepay Power

North Georgia EMC now offers Prepay Power as a bill payment option for our residential customers.


Here’s how it works:

To get started, just pay:

  • A $25 deposit;
  • Advanced payment toward your energy use of at least $25;
  • One-time connection fee of $20;
  • Monthly program fee of $5.
  • $10 membership (if not a current member)
  • $3 per applicant (identity verification)

Stay ahead…Pay ahead:

  • Make payments of any amount at any time you wish.
  • Multiple payment options are available. Payments via a Member Service Specialist must be $25 or greater. All other payment venues may be any amount.
  • Receive a text or email when your account balance gets below a specified amount.
  • Monitor your account balance and daily energy use through our Online Member Services Center or through our mobile app for iPhone and Android: My NGEMC Account.

Immediate payment posting venues:

  • Pay Site kiosks – Locations include the 24/7/365 Calhoun office drive-thru; Dalton and Fort Oglethorpe in the lobbies during normal business hours; and retail pay sites at ShopRite Supermarkets in Chickamauga, LaFayette, and Tunnel Hill open morning through evening hours. At the Calhoun drive-thru and Dalton and Fort Oglethorpe lobbies, cash and check payments are free and debit/credit card payments are charged 2.45% of the transaction. At ShopRite retail locations, a fee of $1.50 is charged for cash or check payments, while debit/credit cards are charged 2.45% of the transaction.
  • Online NGEMC Member Service Center at – 24/7/365 pay via E-Check (free) or with a debit/credit card (transaction fee 2.45%).
  • Mobile app – 24/7/365 pay via E-Check (free) or with a debit/credit card (transaction fee 2.45%).
  • Office – lobbies and drive thrus: Calhoun, Dalton, and Fort Oglethorpe open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; Trion open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. ($25 minimum payment required for Prepay Power accounts through a Member Service Specialist)
  • Phone – 24/7/365 with our automated phone service or with a Member Service Specialist. ($25 minimum payment required for Prepay Power account with a Member Service Specialist)

Delayed payment posting venues:

  • Night drop – checks only, 24/7/365, payment will not post until the next business day. $25 minimum payment required for Prepay Power accounts through night drop payments.
  • Bank payments or online bank payments — payments posted upon receipt of funds to cooperative.
  • Mail — posted upon receipt of funds to cooperative.

Notification system:

Alert options for push notification or e-mail are:

  • Account profile change — sends alert any time customer information is changed.
  • Returned check alert — sends alert to notify of returned item.
  • Payment confirmation — notice of payment posting.
  • Service connected — alerts service is active.
  • Service disconnected — alerts service is disconnected.
  • Service reconnected — alerts the service is reconnected after being disconnected.
  • Low balance threshold reached — you select the amount for notification.  Select an amount that would give you time to pay before disconnection.
  • Balance and energy use alert — receive your balance and energy use daily.
  • High energy use alert — you set the dollar amount per day that you expect.  If the daily use is exceeded, you will get an alert.
  • Pending auto-disconnect — alerts the service is being disconnected.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to participate?

 Residential members in homes served by a standard-size electronic meter are eligible to participate in Prepay Power. Commercial accounts, accounts with heavy duty meters, or CT meters are not eligible for Prepay Power. 

Is a minimum payment or account balance required?  

When signing up for Prepay Power, you will pay a minimum advanced payment of $25. After that, you make payments in any amount you wish. As long as you maintain a positive account balance, you are not required to maintain a minimum account balance. If your power is ever disconnected because your account balance reaches $0, you will once again make a minimum payment of $25 with no reconnect fee.

Will I get a monthly bill?  

Because you pay ahead and because you pick the payment amount, you will not receive a monthly bill. You can log on to your account any time through our secure website and monitor your daily or monthly energy use.

How will I know if my account balance is getting low?  

With Prepay Power, you can sign up to receive text and/or email alerts. These alerts will notify you when your account reaches a specified amount. You select the amount for notification based on the time you need to pay before disconnection. You will also be alerted if your account is disconnected and when it is reconnected. You can manage your alerts and reminders using the NGEMC mobile app or our Online Member Services Center through  

How soon are payments credited to my Prepay Power account?  

Payments made online, over the phone, by mobile app, at self-service Pay Site kiosks in NGEMC’s Dalton and Fort Oglethorpe offices, the 24/7 Calhoun office drive-thru Pay Site and at self-service Pay Sites at ShopRite Supermarkets in Chickamauga, LaFayette, Ringgold and Tunnel Hill, or to an NGEMC cashier will be credited immediately to your Prepay Power account. Payments made by mail, night deposit, or bank will be posted upon receipt of funds. 

When is my Prepay Power account subject for disconnection? 

Immediate disconnection of service will occur any time the prepay balance reaches $0.

If I am disconnected, do I pay a fee to have my meter reconnected?   

While no reconnect fee is required, you will need to pay an amount that will secure a $25 credit balance. Your service will be reconnected within a reasonable amount of time after the payment is made. Disconnected accounts are closed and finaled after 7 days. To reconnect a closed account, you would re-apply for service. 

Can I convert to standard billing at any time?  

Yes, but your deposit may be reevaluated based on two times the average monthly use at your residence.

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