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Energy Right Solutions for Youth

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EnergyRight® Solutions for Youth (ERSY) is a new energy education program for schools and community youth service organizations. Developed in partnership with TVA and TVA power distributors across the Tennessee Valley, ERSY aligns with state learning standards and will help children in third through fifth grade learn about the environment and how to use energy wisely. The program can be used by teachers, parents and leaders of youth programs everywhere and includes a complete handbook of lesson plans with experiments, games and interactive activities. Simply click the links below to download materials and lesson plans. For more information about EnergyRight® Solutions for Youth, contact NGEMC's Community Outreach Coordinator

Notebook Cover and Introductory Materials

Lesson Plans & Objectives Summary

ERSY Notebook Introduction and Table of Contents

Lesson Plans: Three Sets

Lesson Plan Set 1: Energy Fundamentals -- Cover and Contents

School children outdoorsLP 1.1: Forces in Motion 

LP 1.2: Newton's First Law of Motion 

LP 1.3: Newton's Second Law of Motion 

LP 1.4: Newton's Third Law of Motion 

LP 1.5 Work Energy Relationships

LP 1.6 Simple and Compound Machines 

Lesson Plan Set 2: Forms of Energy -- Cover and Contents 

Photo: School Children in classroomLP 2.1: Introduction to Forms of Energy

LP 2.2: Law of Conservation of Energy

LP 2.3: Mechanical Energy

LP 2.4: Chemical Energy

LP 2.5: Light and Solar Energy

LP 2.6: Nature of Light

LP 2.7: Heat Energy

LP 2.8: Electrical Energy

LP 2.9: Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy   

Lesson Plan Set 3: Energy Use and Delivery -- Cover and Contents 

School Children in Lab LP 3.1: Introduction to Electricity 

LP 3.2: Electrical Circuits

LP 3.3: Electromagnets

LP 3.4: Energy Delivery

LP 3.5: Energy Efficiency

LP 3.6: Energy at Home

Notebook Material Labels

Spine Label

Lesson Plan Dividers





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